Cordyceps Ghee

Cordyceps Ghee

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- Energy/ Stamina support 

- Aids in physical performance 

- Regulates metabolism 

- Adaptogenic 

- Increases production of ATP


- High in vitamin a, d,e & k

- Reduces Inflammation

- Provides antioxidants

- Lactose has been removed (ok for those who suffer from lactose intolerance)

- Aids in digestion

- Adds flavor in cooking 

- Can apply topically to heal irritated skin

- High smoking point of 485 degrees

How to incorporate me

I am a buttery consistency with a creamy, nutty taste. I work tirelessly to show people how I’m a better butter (use me up just like you would butter without the guilt). 

- Use me in place of butter

- Throw me on the cob of some corn

- Add me into smoothies

-Make me into a “bulletproof” coffee (1T of Ghee to 8oz of coffee in a blender) pro tip: use our Reishi honey as a sweetener ;) 

 - Use me externally! I work wonders on dry skin, and on dry lips! 

- Eat me straight up! Or add some honey into my jar and take a spoon to the face!

What is Ghee: We’ve removed all the water and milk solids from butter to big you this creamy, fatty goodness (the good fat of course).

Gimme the science:

Our biology naturally uses structures called vesicles to transport materials inside our cells and throughout our body, this usually occurs in the form of liposomes. These “envelopes” are like cargo containers that ensure whatever is being delivered remains intact (particularly for bioactive compounds and nutrients).

Since lipids are fats and vesicles are made out of lipids, we can utilize this mode of transportation for encapsulating active compounds from our Cordyceps (more specifically, cordycepin) into fats to highly boost their absorption throughout our bodies.

2 or 6 oz Jar