RASA Spicy Rose Cacao - Adaptogen Sex Tonic

RASA Spicy Rose Cacao - Adaptogen Sex Tonic

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Aside from being delish, first and foremost, consider this blend your own personal (and 100% au naturel) horny-helper.

Tastes like if a rose had sex with spicy, gingery chocolate, and they had a baby who had dominant chocolate genes.

Not only does it taste like liquid divinity, but also it’s designed to yield:
✔ greater down there and everywhere sensation
✔ presence with your partner
✔ enjoyment of your sexuality

It’s full of high-quality and carefully curated ingredients, blended to produce the juice (subtle, I know)...

Our Rasa blend adaptogens: relaxing aphrodisiacs, helpful when tension and stress inhibit your flow.
Maca 10:1 extract, 300 mg: stimulating aphrodisiac to give you that extra fire.
Ginger & Cayenne: circulatory herbs to get your blood flowing to all the right places.
Hawthorn & Rose Petals: for the emotional heart—subtle permissions to open to yourself, your partner, and your life.
Schisandra 4:1 extract, 200 mg: famous in China as a sexual tonic. This berry is said to increase the “Water Qi” (read: secretion of, ahem, sexual fluids).