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Our Palo Santo flower essence comes from the tropical dry forest on the Ecuadorian coastline, prepared in close proximity to the equatorial line where sun and moon have a most powerful influence. Palo Santo means 'sacred stick' or ‘sacred wood’; it possesses a rich and ancient ethnobotanical history and is often utilized by indigenous cultures for its strongly purifying power. The Palo Santo tree has a very short bloom cycle with the small yellowish flowers bursting forth just after the rains have begun and lasting only a couple of weeks. Therefore, because of the necessary sunshine needed to prepare the flower essence, we feel very fortunate that a small window of sunshine appeared during this heavy monsoon season, making this unique essence from this sacred tree possible. We are honored to be able to offer the world's first Palo Santo flower essence.

When used as a flower essence, Palo Santo uplifts, stimulates creativity, and enhances emotional equilibrium. Through its strongly purifying and protective qualities, it works to remove disharmonious energy, quickly grounds a person, and promotes clarity, centeredness, and strength. Palo Santo flower essence energetically opens the chest and heart and activates the microcosmic orbit, a energetic circuit that flows between our sacrum and crown, distributing Qi (life force) through the entire meridian system increasing health and rejuvenation on all levels.

Palo Santo has a reputation for stimulating extraordinary creativity, in part due to the space it creates by effectively removing negativity. Because flowers are generally thought of as the highest creative expression of a plant, containing extremely concentrated life force energies, the flower essence of Palo Santo has extraordinary healing power, possibly even more so that the wood itself.

Palo Santo, considered one of three wish-fulling gems (the others being Agarwood and Immortelle), has an ability to bring blessings into one's life when used in a heart-centered way.


  • Opens chest and heart, activates the upper burner.

  • Activates the microcosmic orbit, circling between the root and crown, sweeping and purifying.

  • Has an ability to ground and uplift. Like a tree firmly planted in the earth and reaching upward, Palo santo flower essence imparts the feeling of being grounded, uplifted, strong and centered.