Adrenal Boost- Cordyceps Coconut Oil

Adrenal Boost- Cordyceps Coconut Oil

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- Energy/ Stamina support 

- Aids in physical performance 

- Regulates metabolism 

- Adaptogenic 

- Increases production of ATP

Coconut Oil:

- Healthy weight loss, fat loss 

- Supports cognitive health 

- Supports digestion

- Increase energy levels 

- Curbs hunger

Known in Traditional Chinese Medicine for their energetic properties, Cordyceps Sinensis has been a prized medicinal for centuries. This product in particular utilizes Cordyceps militaris. Grown by a US cultivar that has paved the way in this particular field, William Padilla-Brown. 

Cordyceps aid in respiratory support, cordyceps also help with the body’s production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) this molecule is key for delivering energy to muscles making them the perfect pre-workout supplement. Having troubles in the bedroom? Cordyceps have also been known to increase libido. 

Our biology naturally uses structures called vesicles to transport materials inside our cells and throughout our body, this usually occurs in the form of liposomes. These “envelopes” are like cargo containers that ensure whatever is being delivered remains intact (particularly for bioactive compounds and nutrients). Since lipids are fats and vesicles are made out of lipids, we can utilize this mode of transportation for encapsulating active compounds from our Cordyceps into fats to highly boost their absorption throughout our bodies. 


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