Embodied Pleasure Workshop

Embodied Pleasure Workshop

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Embodied Pleasure Workshop

February 14th 2-5pm

A heart centered women’s workshop led by Christi Albert and Naturopathic Doctor Erin Gattuso, focused on connecting to your own internal container and deepening feelings of safety. This is for anyone who would like to enhance connection between the mind and body for the purpose of heightening sexual experiences to both self and partners. 

Pleasure, a word that often gets a bad name, is truly a sacred stimulus that helps open the doors to deeper intuition, wisdom, and passion. So often, we rely on another person to satisfy this natural urge, but when we practice deepening the connection to our own internal sensations independently, it can help build resiliency and inner joy. When we learn how to tap into this, it makes a difference in ALL areas of our life. We can walk with a little more juice in our step.

Workshop will be a combination of breathwork, dance, and discussion. Heart opening snacks and tea will also be provided.

*For single, partnered, married, divorced, all-aged women. Limit 8 people.*

TICKETS $45 per person