Susquehanna Apothecary Pre-Rolls

Susquehanna Apothecary Pre-Rolls

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Six super-clean, hand-rolled tokes. We use rolling papers that are unbleached and made from organic hemp. The filters are biodegradable and made from unbleached paper. Naturally smooth, green, and delightful. 

1. Morning Blend- Hemp, Nettles, Tulsi, Peppermint

2. All Day Blend- Mix of 2 strains of Hemp Flower

3. Evening Blend- Hemp, Lavender, Skullcap, Mugwort

4. Pain- Hemp, Frankincense, Wild Lettuce, Dagga

All of our hemp products are made with hemp that contains less than .3% THC by weight, the legal threshold established by the 2018 Farm Bill.