Reishi Honey

Reishi Honey

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Ease your body with this smooth and rich Ganoderma concentrated honey.

What are some of the benefits of Honey you ask?

- High Antioxidant

- Aids with digestion and gut health

- Promotes nutrient absorption

- Strengthens the immune system

- Fights your fatigue!


- Supports your immune system

- Aids in physical performance

- Regulates metabolism

- Adaptogenic

 Our honey comes from the middle of the forest in Canada. Why? Great question! Canada’s laws are much more strict with their regulations on spraying pesticides. Why does that matter you now find yourself asking, well, bee’s can’t be tied down. Bee’s can’t be hooked up to a leash meaning they can get into all sorts of pesticides if we don’t keep them clear of them. We don’t want any of that turning up in our medicine, that would be counterproductive. So, have no fear! We have partnered with BeeKeepers Natural, a company who third party tests all their honey to be free of heavy metals and pesticides. 

4 oz Glass Jar