Immune Support Tea Blend

Immune Support Tea Blend

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A blend of Immune and Respiratory Supporting Herbs. 

Mullein - Certain compounds in mullein's leaves and flowers are thought to act as demulcents or expectorants. Demulcents are substances that calm irritation or inflammation in the skin or internal parts of the nose, mouth, or throat. Expectorants are agents for stimulating the production or secretion of phlegm.

Nettles - Many of nettle’s benefits come from its high nutrient content. It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K along with easily assimilated calcium and iron. Other nutrients include magnesium, potassium, protein, beta-carotene, and chlorophyll. The range of nutrients in nettle can also be helpful for anyone recovering from prolonged sickness or stress, and the iron content is easily digestible for those with anemia.

Chaga - Chaga is highly regarded as an adaptogen - adaptogens are a unique group of phytonutrients which help your body adjust to stressful circumstances ranging from extreme heat or cold to infections or trauma.

Amla - Also known as Indian Gooseberry or Amalaki in Ayurveda, is a fruit that has long been revered in India as a nutritive tonic, blood purifier and restorative mucous membrane tonic. One fruit contains as much vitamin C as 20 oranges!

Lemon Balm - Plays a role in optimizing immune health, digestive health and providing a sense of balance for the nervous system. 

Shatavari -  Shatavari plays a very important role in stimulating immune cells. This is thought to be due to steroidal plant compound contained within the root "sapogenin", a potent immune stimulator. It enhances the body’s resistance during normal and immune-suppressed conditions, helping to boost immunity during immune-suppressed conditions and aiding in recovery the immune system itself. Sapogenins also stimulate the cells that fight infection, reducing the overall population of infection-causing cells.

Add 1.5 tsp. to 8 oz boiling water, let steep 10 minutes, strain, enjoy!