Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation Tool

Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation Tool

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This Ayurvedic facial rejuvenation tool is a powerful addition to your skin care ritual. It is an artisanal facial massage tool, sometimes called kansa, that is made from teak and a high quality bronze traditionally called the “Queen’s metal.” We proudly offer this superior grade tool that consists of a high density of bronze for advanced therapeutics and pronounced durability.

Bronze has many healing qualities that make it very effective for facial rejuvenation purposes. Often called the ‘healing metal,’ it first appeared about 5000 years ago and was created by a culture in the Indus Valley that contributed to the traditional medical system of Ayurveda.

When used for facial rejuvenation purposes, this bronze has powerful effects both for enhancing the health and beauty of the skin, and stimulating healing throughout the entire body. It releases tension in the face and naturally activates many important acupuncture and marma points to create a systemic stress-relieving and healing effect on the various bodily organ systems.


  • Firms, tones, and tightens the skin
  • Produces notable relaxation throughout the face and body
  • Reduces redness, swelling, congestion and puffiness (especially great for around the eyes)
  • Promotes collagen and elastin health
  • Detoxifies and promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Increases circulation of life force energy for a fresh and glowing complexion
  • Activates the acupuncture points and meridians to increase health of the skin and the whole body


Best when used on a clean face. Cleanse face with your favorite cleanser to remove all makeup and dirt. Create a water and oil mixture in the palm of your hand using a hydrosol and oil based facial serum. Emulsify this combination the palm of your hand and gently pat onto your face. Next, use your Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation Tool to massage outward and upward in circular or arc motions. It’s important to not pull the skin.  For best results use regularly; Sara Crow recommends at least once per day for several minutes. Enjoy!