Estell Farms CBD/CBG Pre-rolls

Estell Farms CBD/CBG Pre-rolls

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Don't get Cannabis Confusion - this is NOT pot. Like all other Estell Farm products, our pre-rolled CBD/CBG joints contain <0.3% Delta-9 THC making them DEA and 2018 Farm Bill Compliant.

Strain Options:

  • Berry Blossom: Fruity. Earthy. Calming. Sativa Dominant Hybrid.
  • Cherry Chocolate Chip: Earthy. Sweet. Euphoric. Indica Dominant Hybrid.
  • Lemon Cake CBG: Zesty. Sweet. Uplifting. Sativa.
  • Orange Glaze: Citrus. Floral. Enlightening. Indica.
  • Sour G CBG: Diesel. Citrus. Uplifting. Sativa.
  • Sour Hawaiian Haze: Tropical. Diesel. Sociable. Sativa.
  • Sour Razz: Tart. Piney. Grounding. Hybrid.
  • T1: Kush. Citrus. Sedative. Indica.

Pre roll Details:

Each pre-roll is 3/4 gram of pure goodness, wrapped in 100% organic hemp paper. Two pre-rolls per pack.