Winter Wellness Kit

Winter Wellness Kit

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Packed with all the essentials to support your body through this winter season! This kit includes the following:

1. Wild Cherry Bark Cough Syrup- A traditional homeopathic recipe, made with an infusion of Wild Cherry Bark, Ginger, Cardamom, Rosehips, Orange Peel, Echinacea Root + Flower. Ayurvedic superherb Amla was added to enhance the Vitamin C content, and local honey was blended in to make a sweet and soothing syrup safe for the whole family. (ages 1+)

2. Warming Oxymel- Made with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Puerto Rican grown Ginger + Turmeric, blended with Local Honey infused with Ditchweed Hemp Suver Haze high CDB Hemp Flower. Take as an energizing wellness shot in the morning or use as a dressing/marinade!

3. Herbal Tincture- Made with Organic Lemon Balm, Olive Leaf, Neem Leaf, Echinacea Root and Flower. Take 1 full dropper 3 x daily upon onset of  symptoms.

4. Forest Feels- Made with Organic Cypress, Eucalyptus, Cedar, Fir, and Moena Essential Oils. The scent reminds me of the luscious green forest in the summertime, it opens my lungs and reminds me of the vibrancy of life to come as the seasons change.

5. Grounding Sleep Soak- Made with Organic Lavender, Calendula Flowers, Palo Santo EO, Ho Wood EO, and Epsom Salt.

6. Warming Winter Tea Blend- Made with Elderberries, Ginger, Cardamom, Rosehips, Chaga, Amla, Orange Peel, Echinacea Leaf + Flower

7. Rose Infused Scalp Whip- Coconut Oil infused with Brahmi and Rose. *Massage slowly into scalp before bed, wash and rinse hair in the morning.*