bloomer™ unbleached paper cones

bloomer™ unbleached paper cones

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Handcrafted artisanal cones rolled with organic unbleached rolling paper made in France by renewable solar energy. Perfectly paired with bloomer™’s revolutionary wildflower-blooming filter tip that cools your smoke and protects the noninvasive/native wildflower seeds embedded within. Plant after use to bloom wildflowers and help save the bees.

  • Queen size ( fits~1.25g)

  • 3 cones/pack

  • 100% organic

  • 100% decomposable

  • 100% vegetarian

  • 100% noninvasive blooms

  • wax filter cools and controls airflow, resulting in the smoothest smoke

  • reusable cardboard matchbox packaging

  • engineered and made with ♥ in Miami, USA

     PATENTED. For legal herbal blends only, not for use with tobacco.