CBG Hemp Flower Pre-rolls from Dazey

CBG Hemp Flower Pre-rolls from Dazey

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Meet the pre-rolls. Derived from USDA certified organic hemp and infused with sour space candy terpenes, these pre-rolls are perfect for those moments when you want to turn down the noise and relax without losing focus. They will elevate your mood and won’t get you high.

Each tube is made from 100% reclaimed ocean plastic and contains 2 hemp joints wrapped in organic hemp paper and rolled with a custom #NoBadDaze crutch.

The flower (no sticks, no stems) is high in CBG and contains <0.3% THC. What is CBG? Commonly referred to as “the mother cannabinoid”, CBG is the precursor to CBD and THC. The effects of CBG on the body are very similar to CBD, with a few subtle differences.

We recommend for:

museum trips | creative projects | a really good book | backyard BBQs | unwinding after a long day

How to enjoy:

Sit back, relax, and spark up. Inhale into your chest and exhale. Take a few puffs and see how you feel. Our pre-rolls are meant to be shared and smoked over multiple sessions.

Cannabinoid profile:

13% CBG | <0.3% THC


Two .75g hemp flower pre-rolls derived from USDA certified organic hemp.