Ocotillo Flower Essence

Ocotillo Flower Essence

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This is not a botanical perfume.

Please read below to understand the beauty and full potential of Flower Essences. The essence of this fiery flower is what I have created for you all so that you too can share in the strength, protection, sacral and root balancing medicine that it so graciously provides. This essence grounds us in time and space, it wakes us up to our own inner wisdom, inner connectedness, our sensuality. The bright red flowers radiance invites us to slow down and travel deeper into our experience.

Ocotillo brings us peace and mental clarity so that we may pursue our relationship with both the higher channels of our consciousness while we balance the power of the fire element within our body/mind. Together we embark on a new journey of the soul and together we rise.

Elemental healing: Fire + Air + Ether