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Honey-nut Squash Coconut Curry

This was my first time cooking with Honey-nut Squash and WOW! I'm in love. I was never a big Butternut Squash fan, it was always just a little too boring for my taste, and this was the ultimate squash upgrade! I was introduced to this gem by my friend Kayte, who suggested simply roasting and drizzling with Maple Syrup for breakfast. YUM! I decided to incorporate it into a savory dinner dish, adding to a classic Yellow Coconut Curry and serving over Jasmine Rice! ( : It turned out delicious! I amped it up a little with some homegrown Hungarian Hot Peppers which balanced out the sweetness beautifully.  Ingredients: 1 tbsp Coconut Oil 1 Honey-nut Squash 1 Large Carrot 1 Small...

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