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Nettle Pakoras with Pickled Ramps Gibson Cocktail

I'm a big fan of Stinging Nettle because it's not only super nutritious, but it can be incorporated into SO many tasty dishes and drinks! It gets its name, Stinging Nettles, from its ability to make humans' skin Sting when touched! This can make them difficult to work with, but some good gloves or a plastic bag is all you need to safely harvest and prepare them. Once harvested, you simply par boil in water for a couple of minutes before transferring to an ice bath. At this point, they are safe to work with sans gloves! I found this recipe from Foraged by Fern on IG and made a few adjustments based off what I had on hand. I...

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Lion's Mane "Crab" Cakes

To say I used to love crab cakes would be an understatement! When I made the switch to plant based, I really really missed my seafood fix! That was until I tried making these Lion's Mane "Crab" Cakes!! They are insanely delicious and it blows my mind how similar the taste and texture are to the real deal. On top of that, Lion's Mane is loaded with medicinal benefits, it is especially beneficial for those with inflammation, gut imbalances, diabetes, depression, dementia and low immune function.

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